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    Got both our updated reports. His collection still there, well hey it was worth a shot:) Anyway I disputed Lowes being closed it appears closed on both other reports, equifax verfied it being open??? And they are reinvestigating my 30 day, my fidelity and associates balance, gosh when will they get my report straighten out for goodness. Speaking of Fidelity, I called to close them today, didn't even try to send my to retention LOL, guess they don't mind losing customers. But they have never raised my measly limit of 500 in a year, so I closed them.

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    Mom I truly believe Equifax does not bother to reinvestigate items that are clearly incorrect. I had a collection account on my EQ that came back verified. I called the collection agency and they told me that not only did they not have my particular account, but that they were no longer agents for the original creditor and that EQ should not be reporting the information at all. I was finally able to get the collection removed.

    I also think that because EQ is the most commonly pulled report in our part of the country, they are less likely to investigate disputes. I've disputed stuff over the phone with TU and EXP and never had a problem, but have to jump through all types of hoops with EQ.

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