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  1. racinut88

    racinut88 Well-Known Member

    I did an online investigation yesterday with my wifes report and this is what it is now saying.... Has any one else got this and if so what next?

    The investigation request(s) displayed above are awaiting a response from the creditor, courthouse, and/or other source that reported the item(s) originally. Equifax verifies all credit account, public record and collection account information with the original sources when you initiate an investigation request. This verification process can take up to 30 days from the date your investigation request was initiated; however, in most cases this verification process has been completed within 2 weeks.

    Sorry, we are unable to start an on-line investigation request for you at this time. You may contact us to initiate another investigation request by using the telephone number or address listed on your Equifax Credit File Or click on this button to send an e-mail request:
  2. am

    am Guest

    I've gotten when I didn't enter the info correctly----for example, Equifax thinks the last letter of my husband's last name is repeated ie: Smithh
    If I enter his correct name (Smith) it kicks out that response.

  3. marci

    marci Well-Known Member

    That's a normal response after you've started an investigation
    with that confirmation number. If you type in the confirmation
    number you received right *after* you started that investigation,
    you can see your updated credit report minus the specific items
    you disputed in the first investigation.

  4. Steve A

    Steve A Guest

    Yeah, and if you sue them, they take you offline. That means you cannot access information over the internet and your credit apps are automatically rejected by any lender you seek a loan with that uses Equifax.

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