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    FYI -- For anyone who does the online dispute or accesses their report via online, according to Equifax, the online version of the c.r. is about 30 days behind the actual report.
    If you purchase the report online (8.50) you will have immediate access to your report for the next 30 days.
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    hmmmm.... online report 30 days behind actual???

    I've found it to be the opposite. Though I do work with a local bureau.

    I've been anxious about disputes and pulled an online equifax report. A few times I've received a paper report from my local bureau created around the same time. On more than one occassion the on-line report included updated balances, whereas the paper report hadn't recorded them yet. <shrug>

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    Equifax-Online Dispute

    I pulled a report on March of 2001 and started an online dispute. The completetion date should have been April 23rd.

    Equifax extended the completetion date to April 30th.

    On the 28th when I logged on, I get the online-dispute screen instead of the "completetion date screen"

    Today I get "we cannot investigate your dispute" screen.

    I did pull my report on the 28th of Apirl and there is no difference from the March report.

    My FICO did go up 10 points 655 (no sure why). My guess is that I added a new cc to the account or/and one of my other cc account had a recent cl increase.

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