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  1. tom65432

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    Just venting here. I fought Equifax for about four months to get an incorrect default off my credit report. The creditor gave me a letter to give to Equifax saying the creditor wrongly reported it as a default. After much aggravation, Equifax corrected it. Now I apply for a Juniper card and am denied because of a default. It can only be the one I took four months to get corrected. I can only assume it came back.

    I tried to get my report online from Equifax. No luck. They want drivers license, SS card, utility bills, etc. to prove who I am. I just sent them that stuff recently and now they need it again? I can't get my Score number either - same problem. Also tried Privista - no luck. What is wrong with these people? They are the only ones who ever question my identity.
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    They're idiots. Call the phone number given at their site - on the page where it says they need proof of your identity. They can do it over the phone. They'll ask you questions about accounts you have - credit limits, which banks, car loan payments, mtg payment, stuff like that, so have the info handy.

  3. tom65432

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    Thanks, but I tried that. They want to see it in writing so I sent it all in this morning. Same stuff I sent them recently. I have not changed my address or phone number for quite some time so I do not see why there is a problem. None of my creditors asks for verification. I recently got a Next card online in about 30 seconds.
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    Another quick question. Back in January, when they first asked me to verify everything with copies of bills, drivers license, and social security card, the clerk on the phone told me there was a safety warning on my account. She claimed she had no idea what that was. When I called their security people, they also claimed to have no knowledge of what it was. After I sent in all the info, I got more credit with no problem so I assumed the problem was resolved.

    Does anyone know what a safety warning is?

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