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  1. Kay

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    Last week I tried to get a free report from Equifax because I was denied credit based on my Equifax report. They said they could not verify my identity so asked for proof. Required me to send it. Nothing has changed since the last time I got a report. I sent them copy of drivers license, social security card, credit card info, mothers maiden name, etc.

    Have not heard from them so I tried to sign up for Privista who is affiliated wtih Equifax. They again said Equifax could not "authenticate" me.

    How can I get my credit fixed if I can't even get my report to see what is on it?

    Maybe I am being impatient. It has been eight days since I sent the info in.

    It is frustrating because there should not be much negative on it.

    Does anyone know how long it takes?
  2. Kay

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    Just an update. I contacted Privista. They said Equifax cannot find me in their files. Like I said above, nothing has changed since the last time I got my credit report.

    I just checked my last credit report with them. My history with them goes back to 1972 according to them. And now they can't find me?

    They found me when the creditor turned me down for a credit card recently.

    It makes me wonder if anything they have in their files is accurate.

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