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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by banko, Oct 3, 2003.

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    In an earlier post I stated that I sent a request for validation to a CA reporting on my CR. They CA sent me a Certified letter approx. 7 days later. It read, "1)we put your account in disputed status in our system, 2)discontinued active collections efforts on this account, 3)requested documents to validate from appropriate parties." After I received my registered mail receipt back from the CA, I sent a copy of that validation request and a separate letter to the CRA disputing. This CA responded to the CRA to keep item on.

    Now I'm confused. I thought I was supposed to send a 15-day letter. The estoppel letter I think states that since the CA hasn't responded there violating. They did respond, So what are my options? I read on a web-site yesterday that broke down the whole estoppel letter. Basically, bashing it, and how credit boards advise consumers to use it. It seemed to really attack it. These aren't my words. I'm just trying to learn. If it works, Ill definitely use it. I just don't want to open a can of legal worms that may haunt me. I appreciate any insight..
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    1*I thought I was supposed to send a 15-day letter.
    2*So what are my options?

    1*You are but not yet. You don't send the estoppel till 30 days after the CA has signed the green card for the validation letter you sent them.
    2*Ignore what they sent you and proceed with the estoppel at the end of the 30 days.

    THE END ** *** ** LB 59
    PS: You have The CA on a $1000.oo violation in their letter where they verified with the CRA but failed to provide you the validation. Keep that letter for evidence.

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