Even without posting, thank yo

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nave, Feb 26, 2001.

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    I wanted to thank the CreditNet folks as well as those of you active user's and poster's of this board. Especially in light of all the harassment and spamming from Bobby/Sue/LKH(whannabe!) whatever his aka of the day is.

    Although I did not post a message, I was able to read through the questions and answers others have posted to gain insight into my situation, and with your help have begun to repair what has taken me years to "accomplish".

    I am happy to say I am on my way to resolving my issues. Using the advice found here, I was able to aquire a NON secured Cap One card and have successfully removed some disruptive items from my credit report(s) on my own. Still a work in progress.

    I read all the spamming, name calling, and harrassing that has been recently been cropping up and wanted to add a word of praise amongst all the harshness so that you all know - some people are grateful and you ARE providing a very valuable service here -

    ....All of you, not just the CreditNet people, because you all add insight into "real world" situations one could not easily get elsewhere, but all of you make this work. All except Bobby that is.

    I have done some tracking for the FBI and UseNet in the past and can assure you that these harasser's do get punished, especially if they cross certain lines, which it appears some of the recent stuff Bobby has done, has.

    Again, Thanks turn the cheek on the bad stuff because you really are helping people here! - Dave.
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    RE: Even without posting, than


    Nothing personal....if people want to listen to your advice so be it. Personally, I find it to be suspect at best.


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