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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Luella, Oct 3, 2000.

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    I've received an offer through a Master card Approval Office in the mail that will give me a credit limit up to $2,500.00. I have a limited time to respond. Through First Savings Credit Card, ths offer does not rquire a security deposit, a savings deposit, though there is a processing fee of $35 at 18.9%. Acceptance fee is $119.00 (one time only fee),a nd an annual membership of $50.00, with a 25 days grace period before interest is tacked onto charges to the account. My credit sucked, so I've paid the majority of my debts off, except one, and I was suprised that I was approved for a loan to get a used car (but I knew there were problems credit wise, because it took awhile before finding a loan company that would borrow me the money). Considering that I don't have any credit cards right now, though I had a credit card that became delinquent (during my college days), i was excited to have this offer sent to me. If you have ever heard of this offer, or if you have taken up this offer, please let me know before I send the money for the processing fee. My husband says that the rate is decent for someone who has had bad credit.

    Desperately seeking credit. Luella
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    RE: Ever hear of First Savings

    First off, don't believe the hype!!!! You are not going to get a credit limit anywhere near $2500. After they take all of the fees totalling $204 off of your available credit, you'll probably have approximately $46 available credit left! And that's if your lucky. These cards generally start out with a $250 limit. The APR and the fact that there's a 25 day grace period is good. Is there a monthly participation fee? If so, then forget it!

    So, instead of in essence spending $204 dollars for this card, I would first apply at Capital One, Providian/Aria, or First Consumers National Bank and see what they offer you first. You never know. Providian sent me an application for a Visa Gold and all I had to do was send $49. My credit was worse than yours. I've heard that Aria has a high approval rate for their cards. FCNB I've heard is also a good starting point. If you want more information on these banks, just do a search.

    Hope this helps. Bottom line is be patient. Just because the offer that you have is going to expire soon doesn't mean anything! I turned down Providian the first time then they sent me another offer soon after. I accepted that one then after that application was being processed, they sent me another offer!

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