Everyone pulls Transunion!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    I need to VENT!

    OMG. I cant believe how EVERYONE pulls TU on me. Now of course TU is my worse report. TU has that stupid Dept of Motor Vehicles Tax Lien. My other reports are clean. DAMN!

    I just applied for AMEX, Juniper, Nextcard, a credit line increase from Citibank and another card from Chase...and they ALL pulled TU and of course turned me down. GEEZ!

    Can anyone tell me when I move to NJ, will they still keep pulling TU. I will be moving 5 miles from Cherry Hill, one of Experian's headquarters.

    As far as this potentially hurting my mortgage, I will just keep my denial letters and show my lender that I didnt get to open any new accounts b/c everyone declined me.....

    I am stuck with this tax lien for years and I hope that when I move to SOUth NJ that TU will not be pulled every single time....GEEz!
  2. jsever

    jsever Well-Known Member

    GEEZ Roni - You've got to slow down on the credit cards. Be a little more conservative. That's what you're going to get if you move to Jersey. They pull TransUnion a lot in the East/NorthEast.
  3. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    I wish I creditors would pull trans union for me. I reside in Western PA, everyone pulls Experian here! I am still working on it.
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    You are right. I shouldnt have applied for more credit. But I did....oh well! I am always prepared to live with the consequences of what I do.
  5. nj_newbie

    nj_newbie Well-Known Member


    I live in NJ and unfortunately they mostly use TransUnion. I have those same darn DMV liens also. I am consulting with an attorney about these since I was never served. It appears that somewhere in the correspondence they send you about surcharges states that once in default they give an automatic default judgment. However, I have all of my paperwork and never seen such.

  6. roni

    roni Well-Known Member


    I went to court and paid what I owed and no one sent me anything about owing any surcharges. ANd they tell me that they sent the notices to an address that was where I lived many years back. Give me a break. I paid 5 times in court and my lawyer what I owed in surcharges, if I had gotton the notices I would have paid it immediately. I dont understand why they do this to the residents of NJ... Why were the surcharges included in what I paid in court..Why were they only added after? UGH!
  7. Newcomer

    Newcomer Well-Known Member


    STOP APPLYING FOR CREDIT UNTIL AFTER YOU CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave yourself open for anything that may prevent you from closing. Applying for credit is a flag to lenders, and you've worked to hard to get this far.
  8. Dani

    Dani Well-Known Member

    Roni, I agree with Newcomer. Wait until after you get into your home to apply for additional cards. My broker pretty much told hubby and I to apply for nothing and use as little as our credit as possible between now and settlement. You, personally, know how hard it is to buy a home and all the papers and verifications one has to go through. Two more months and you're in your new house. I'm not trying to give you a lecture. I just want all the time you spent on rebuilding your credit to pay off. Best wishes.

  9. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Won't asking for credit increases affect your pending mortgage?

    OH, I just read where you said you were prepared to live with your consequences. Be careful, Roni..we don't want you to lose that house. Maybe being turned down will actually be a positive in this case! :)
  10. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    MY REAL ESTATE AGENT SAID...Don't apply for anything until the day you get the keys...THEY will pull again a few days before close...
  11. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    I concur, Roni!

    I applied for a Key bank loan with my new found good fico score and it turns out the EQ report the creditor received was a different report showing all accounts that were deleted and then I had to fax them a copy of current report I received from Equifax and they pulled TU which is also my worst report with 8 delinquents, Tu pull a fast one on me and reinserted items that were deleted and I found out too late.

    They always pull EQ and of course today they pulled TU because I sent in an updated report and that was not good enough, so now I am sure I will be declined. They had me waiting all week for an answer and they pulled the report today, what BS!

    This is really frustrating!

    I know now not to deal with Key bank in the future!

    Any just wanted to vent!

  12. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    My mortgage broker didnt tell me anything about NOT applying for credit. Nothing. He did say, dont try to use the cards that I already have too much. I have closed 4 accounts and opened 1 (Mobil) since they pulled my credit for approval. My closing date is set for August 22. I guess we will see how this affects me.

    I have another question about the mortgage. Mom's was telling me that if I close in august, my mortgage payment could not be due until Oct 1st. Is that always true. ARe they due at first of month, or 45 days away.
  13. MiamiBlues

    MiamiBlues Well-Known Member

    I have also heard that you shouldn't apply for any new credit until after you close your home loan. Additionally, use of existing credit should be limited.

    As for pulling a credit report days before the actual closing, I don't doubt it.

  14. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    So the consensus is that I am screwed. Like I said, I will deal with the consequences of my actions.
  15. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    When we closed in early July, we paid the interest only for August at closing so our first actual full payment was in Sept. Ours was on the first. Hope that helps.
  16. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Thanks NanaC. I am considering moving on their proposed closing date of august 22 now. That is if I havent ruined the mortgage with my new inquiries
  17. Marypc

    Marypc Well-Known Member

    Roni, Im in NJ and my TU gets pulled so rarely thare are no inquiries on it!! I guess it depends what part of the state you are in, but I mostly get Equifax pulled for me, with Experian a close second.

    (I am closer to South Jersy)
  18. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Not saying you are screwed...it would have been more of a risk had you been approved and had open credit lines since approval. Just sit tight and don't do anything else creditwise. :)
  19. wakedl

    wakedl Member

    Mortgages are always due on the 1st. So if you close on the 10th your payment wont be due for 50 days, if you close on the 20th itâ??s due in 40 days.

    Usually you have to the 15th before you have a late fee and it must be paid before the 1st of the next month or it's a 30-day late reported to the CRAs

    David W
  20. roni

    roni Well-Known Member


    I am moving to South Jersey...I am in Phily now. I hope that when I cross the bridge this TU nightmare will be over. I hope what happens to you happens to me too. Thankx


    I hope I am not screwed. I fell well within my ratios before. I hope this isnt an issue.


    Thanks so much. That was great information. I can plan accordingly now.

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