EX deleted my SS #

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by motiv8ed, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. motiv8ed

    motiv8ed Active Member

    Ok, I called last week to have some address and name variations deleted. Received confirmation in the mail from EX that the deleted the addresses and name variations but they also DELETED my SS#.

    What type of impact will that have????
  2. SoParkDiva

    SoParkDiva Well-Known Member

    Well, it depends on how you look at it. Now Ex can't validate any information on your reports because they can't re-enter the SS# on your report. You can now ask for deletion of any negs as 'not mine'.

    The downside is you can't apply for new credit if they pull Experian.

    J/K :)

    I'm sure they will stick it back on when a creditor updates.
  3. DanS

    DanS Well-Known Member

    So perhaps.. contest all negatives and get as many as possible deleted, then wait for the SS to pop back in. Or if it doesn't, update it later yourself.
  4. BrettS

    BrettS Well-Known Member

    Actually, they probably haven't. I got the same letter after I had some addresses deleted and I called Experian to see what was going on. What they told me is that each address (or maybe only some addresses... it wasn't clear when I spoke with the rep) has a social security number associated with it. When they delete the address they also delete the associated SS number. Since your current address almost certainly also has your SS number associated with it then your SS number is still intact on your experian report... they just deleted duplicate references to it.

  5. motiv8ed

    motiv8ed Active Member

    Maybe so. I guess I'll see in a couple of weeks when they send the results of my disputes.

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