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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by FooBar, Jul 30, 2001.

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    So I had an authorized user account on my reports, from when I was an AU on my mom's Citibank Visa when I was in college. Haven't been an AU for years, but it was still being reported.

    After disputes, Equifax and Trans Union deleted the account from my reports, but Experian just "verified" it and refused to remove it, twice (the second time I used stronger wording in my dispute, to no avail). The account was all positive, no lates or anything, but she had a couple thousand dollar balance on it, and I wanted it gone.

    Finally I contacted Citibank via Planet Feedback. They responded within two days and said they would make sure it got deleted. It's now a couple of weeks later and it just disappeared from my Experian report. (Kudos to Citibank and score one very positive first impression of Planet Feedback.)

    Looking at Credit Expert, my score has gone up THIRTY POINTS after this deletion.


    Been working on my reports for about two months and have gotten my score from 705 to 771! Still have a 30-day-late to deal with. This is very cool. Thanks to everyone for all the great info on this board.

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