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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NumbSkull, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. NumbSkull

    NumbSkull Well-Known Member

    Hey all I have been away for a long long time, Still have something haunting me. I got a reply from a bank saying well the dedt was sent to a CA but the debt is yours and here is the proof:

    The application was filled out by ex wife and clearly shows my falsified signature. What is my next step here?
  2. jenz123

    jenz123 Well-Known Member

    i think you know but i will say it anyway :):)

    File a police report citing fraud.
  3. slammed

    slammed New Member

  4. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    I agree. File a police report. Call the DA and tell them, ask them to charge her with forgery.

    In the meantime, tell the bank that it isn't your signature and you didn't apply for this. Give them samples of your signature, and hope it's far enough off that they can obviously see that you didn't sign.
  5. ontrack

    ontrack Well-Known Member

    Was the application after the date your divorce became final, and was the billing address hers and not yours?
  6. ontrack

    ontrack Well-Known Member

    You also need to check all your credit reports, and place a fraud alert with all CRAs. If she forged an application for one account, there may be other accounts.

    Make sure all joint accounts are closed. As you close them, make sure you receive letters from original creditors acknowledging closing them, and that your credit report TLs are marked "closed by consumer".
  7. NumbSkull

    NumbSkull Well-Known Member

    The application was back in 1993 when we first were married. Funny thing is the addresses on the damn application she was off in Texas and I was still over in Germany. She signs here name and dates it on the 14th of the month and Forges my name on the 15th the very next day. So explain how she got the application from Texas to Germany in less than 24 hours. She kept this card for years even included her mother as an additional card holder. Then the card was charged off in 2002.. 4 years after my divorce!!!...I got rid of the CA a whiule ago the negative TL shows up on CR as OC. OC says we won't take it off here's your signature....screw the police report I just want this off my credit...Will an affidavit do ?
  8. TomJones

    TomJones Well-Known Member

    An affidavit might work.
    I bet paperwork from the DA prosecuting your ex would serve to nicely crystalize things in the mind of the bank in question.
    If the DA believes "Bob didn't apply for this credit" and is willing to send someone to jail over it, the bank is likely going to listen when Bob says "Take it off my report or I'm suing for libel."
    In fact, depending on how negligent the bank has been in reporting, and how much documentation you have already provided the bank, they may already have opened themselves up to a substantial civil judgement.

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