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    Hi I need to tell you guys this my husband needed his credit to be fixed, so we contacted various hacker which they could not do anything to his credit score then I had to talk to a good friend about it because my husband actually need his credit fixed so we can move to a new apartment so she introduced me to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST and we explained to him about all the negative items on his credit report with total debt of around $40,000. He explained to us how this will work out and my husband believed and decided to work with him, few days after he helped us remove all the negative items on my husband’s credit report, he also increased his credit score to 809 and paid off all his paid you need to get in touch with PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST for your credit repair, Chex system or DUI fix. Contact him via PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM or Call +1 (323) 406 1225.
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    I started working with XAP Credit Solution to repair some of the issues I had on my credit report. I had some stubborn items on my report that I wasn't confident about getting removed. I had another company that I worked with try to remove some of these items with no success. When XAP started their first round of disputes, I saw immediate results with three of those accounts and some inquiries being removed. At the time of this review, XAP has completed working on my report, I can honestly say that I've seen results in a very short period of time and I will continue to work with them to get my family members and friends’ credit profile in tip top shape. I strongly recommend you contact XAPCREDITSOLUTION AT GMAIL DOT COM now.

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