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    I am sure that all of us realize how important using and paying off our cards are to build our credit. Most banks judge us for limit increases on how often we use our cards, and of course paying it back.

    However if your like me you don't want to buy things just to buy, and you don't want to get expensive cash advances just to use your card.

    I think I have a solution to charging a credit card, and EASILY getting it posted back on to it that same month. I am checking out the system and seeing if any fees will be charged by the C.C. Companies or not. If not then you need to have 2 different cards (M/C, Visa or Amex) with 1 in either another name (husband/wife's) or 1 with a Co-App. or Auth. User

    This should be especially of interest to Aria & Providian card holders for limit increases.

    E Mail me for more info.
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    To really exercise your credit, one needs to carry a balance. The credit bureaus will probably not start reporting balance and payment information for months. This is the reason a program like CreditWorks works. It takes 11 months to earn the 19.47% APR, but if your credit costs less than 18% APR, you can make some money and establish a great payment history.

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    I knew this would get a response from you credit works!

    Not to bad mouth your excelent programme, I must disagree that you have to carry a bal. in order to gain more credit.

    If the Card issuers see you get close to 50-80% of your limit on a regular basis they will extend more credit to you as long as payments are met. Regardless of the fact that it is 8% or 100% of the Bal.

    I will only state that the idea I have which will work, will not cost the card holder any money, and allows flexability (control is totally in the hands of the card holder).

    Your programme LOCKS a person into a set repayment schedule therefore tying up credit if needed. Your programme does pay interest which my idea doesn't!

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