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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by gmaof1, Aug 30, 2003.

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    What is a "notice to debtor of exemptions from levy" and what does it mean?
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    What does exemptions from levy mean?
    gmaof1 is asking.
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    Obviously I don't know exactly what you are looking at--was a form mailed to you or served by someone? Do you have a judgment against you?

    Usually when someone has a judgment against them, the plaintiff will attempt to enforce the judgment--basically get paid. One of the ways to get paid is to take assets such as money in a bank account, a vehicle, valuable items that you may have, etc. The plaintiff must usually file a court action that will be acted upon by a sheriff or marshall. The sheriff or marshall can come to your home, list your property and then determine what can be taken and sold to satisfy the judgment. During this process the defendant usually has the ability to claim certain property exempt from sale. Each state is different, so you should check your state's statutes regarding garnishments/levies. An example might be that your state exempts the first $5000 in any bank account. Your state might exempt one vehicle used for your primary transportation. Your state might exempt the first $10000 of household goods in your home.

    If you received a form regarding exemptions, the court is probably asking you if you would like to exercise your rights to exempt certain property. You should investigate your rights. If you don't exercise your rights, the courts will assume that you don't care and will allow any property to be turned over to the plaintiffs.
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    Your state might exempt the first $10000 of household goods in your home.
    Wonder how many times non owned household goods has been given over to creditors?

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