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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marypc, Jul 5, 2001.

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    Hi all,
    a long time ago I had a Roamans charge card. (catalog place) and it is listed on Experian as a positive reference, but has a notation that it is currently being handled by CCCS. This isnt true, as that card was paid off when I joined Consumer Credit Counseling way back when. Anyway, it was paid and closed in 94.

    I disputed the entry re the CCCS notation, and it came back verified, 2 weeks later. Since it is considered a positive listing, it will be on there 10 years, and not 7, even though it has dropped off TU and Equifax. I wrote a letter to Roamans saying that I wanted them to stop reporting it to Experian, since it is outdated, (should have come off in 1994.) They send me a letter saying my first course of action should be to dispute it with Experian, and when they get the dispute form, they will check it out. I called them today and told them I already did that, and it came back verified. I spoke to someone in the credit area, and she told me she has records of all Credit Bureau requests, and no one has asked for this info. She even told me that she would have to request microfiche on it because it was so old, and she has no requests on file for it. She came right out and told me to use her name, and to write to Experian saying there is no proof they ever verified anything with her. She also told me this isnt the first time this has happened, in her experience. Its a minor thing, really, but suppose it wasnt? Experian seems to be making a habit of this.

    I'll post the results when I hear back from Experian.
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    Seems like Experian DID lie, however, there is no reason why Roaman's should wait for Experian to contact them so they can correct what is obviously erroneous information.

    I had a Lane Bryant (same folks) that I put in CCCS. Once I made the final payment, I wrote them and said, "My credit report is saying this that is OBVIOUSLY not true because there is a zero balance. Please delete this notation from my records". Done. Not even a bat of the eye.

    I'd get on Roaman's first....for sending the wrong info in the first place!

    I'd then get on Experian (after it's cleared via Roaman's) and remind them that doing what they did is against the law and that you will keep copies of all paperwork regarding this issue, in case.
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