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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, May 1, 2001.

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    I got my Experian confirmation letter today for the second time Lexington has disputed. If you all will remember, the first letter was returned to me because they closed their P.O. box. Many of you have seen the Experian letter before, but this was the first one I'd seen.

    It didn't go into detail about what items were disputed like the Trans Union letter did. In fact, while the Trans Union letter was several pages, the Experian was about a half page of text. Like the TU letter, it contained a blurb about credit repair agencies.

    I've gathered from messages here that Equifax doesn't send these confirmation letters, so I'm not expecting one.

    My TU investigation is due to finish on 5-18, and Experian is giving themselves 30 days starting 4-25.

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