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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. Jim

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    I just recived a copy of my Experian credit report. It was forwarded to me after Experian deleted an item at my request. What surprised me was this:

    There was a separate attachment to the credit report detailing REPORTED credit use for the last 24 months only. My auto loan and one dept. store charge that I use every month were not showing. Yet, three visa accounts that I discharged in a Chap 7 B.K. are showing balances from 10/98 to 2/99 listed month by month.

    FICO recently reported to the public that your credit history for the last 24 months counts for or against you more heavily than older items. I believe that this attachment may be where some calculating is done.

    What does this mean to me? The discahrged accounts will be gone in 4 months; ie. Feb 2001. But I would sure like to get my auto loan and the additional dept. store charge showing on this attachment if it is what I think it is.

    Has anyone else seen this attachment?
  2. Accountant

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    RE: Experian Credit Report. Wh

    This sounds like the attachment showing what your credit limits and usage on some accounts were on a monthly basis. This information is only supplimental. Not all creditors will be listed. The supplimental information is for your use only; it is not supplied to creditors.
  3. Jim

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    Thanks for the response. What

    trying to let me know here? Is this a good natured attempt to show ME my spending pattern over the last 24 months even if all of the information is not captured? If so, this is harmless but it seems strange.
  4. Accountant

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    RE: Thanks for the response. W

    Experian is the only one that supplies this information. Why? I do not know....
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    RE: Thanks for the response. W

    I have had the same thing with Experian under your use of credit part . I think it does count for the score .. i'm not possitive . I highly dought that it;s for the customer to see his cerdit use as that the customer is less important to experian than the creditors ! or any reporting agency in general .
  6. RichGuy

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    A Possible Motive

    I agree, and would put it even more strongly.
    Experian couldn't possibly have an altruistic motive for supplying this information.

    My working hypothesis, until someone disproves it, is that the information does go to creditors. Some creditors may want enough information to go beyond uniform scoring models. For example, they may want to closely track your spending for a year or two before you declare bankruptcy, so they can determine where the money went. Based on that, they may allege that you intentionally spent yourself into bankruptcy, in which case some of your debts may not be discharged.
  7. newcomer2

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    RE: A Possible Motive

    Very true. They could pin point when you got your financial troubles started and started running up debt, otherwise they woun't even bother reporting it . And about the bankruptcy issue, it's definatly true so that they can call some debts of as none dischargable .

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