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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    About a week and a half ago I sent in a fax to Experian. It contained a letter from the creditor that stated any reporting from them is invalid. Well, the fax was mailed to me with a form that requested my social security #, and payment information to get a report. So I faxed a copy of my ss card, DL, and a denial letter from Express along with the original fax. Has anyone else experienced this elay when doing a fax update? What should I expect next?
  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Yep. I faxed them a delete letter from HH Bank more than a week ago, but no update on the report yet. They really do not like giving out that fax number at Experian.
  3. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    I had a creditor fax Equifax on August 6th, to either delete an entry or change it to paid in full as agreed, never late. As of yesterday, they say it hasn't been updated yet and they show no record of it yet. Equifax tried to tell me it could take up to 60-90 days to update.
  4. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    I've been told that creditor do not fax unless it is under investigations. They claim that it can take 60-90 days to update that way. Why so long? So it can collect dust in a pile of course!

    I've had great success having the creditor send me a letter (or fax) on their letterhead with the ss#, account # and their signature for ok to delete and then provide that a proof for an investigation.

    Can the creditor be trusted that they sent the fax?
  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Forgot to say that creditors normally do an "online" update....
  6. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Actually, I have to cases regarding faxes to cra's. The 1 mentioned above, I have a copy of the UDF that was sent to Equifax. I asked them if I sent it to them if it would help and was told no.

    In the other case, the creditor has faxed 4 times to Trans Union at a number they gave me and still it has not been reinserted. And yes they can be trusted. I went to their office asking for proof of sending the updates. They pulled out my file and gave me the dats. This one has been going on since May and will be one of my causes of action in my lawsuit against TU.

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