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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dlo64, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    I just received my updated report from Experian. They claim they verified my First USA. The information is incorrect on my report. So naturally I called Experian to get a name and number for verification. They gave me a customer service number and no name. They told me that verification is done either by online or by letter. Does this sound right?

    I just got off the phone with Experian and they once again told me there is no one specific person that they verify this with that it is done by a general letter. I did ask Experian to send me a copy of the reverification letter they were talking about. I also tried to contact First USA and they told me I have to write to their "CDV Team" and include all the information. I suppose that writing would be the better way to go, but I was trying to trip up Experian. The account is mine, but it is being reported incorrectly. I filed BK with them, but my BK was filed in 8/00 and discharged 11/00. They show me being 180 days late as of 2/01 and BK filed on 2/28/01. It is also not showing discharged, just BK filed. What I am worried about is they may eventually show this as a charge off. I have the discharge and the schedule with them listed. Do I have a violation here? I am just so mad and am probably not thinking clearly.
  2. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    Best advice I can give is take a deep breath.

    Don't let you anger get you and trip you up. Good luck.
  3. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mist. I will try not to let it get to me.

    I will wait and see what Experian sends to me in the way of reverification proof. Do the CRA's just send this verification thing to just anyone at the creditor? They originally just gave me a customer service number at First USA. What kind of reverification is that? This really scares me. I guess if I receive nothing within 15 days, I can go after them.
  4. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    They might not have done anything to reverify. I suspect this is the case with an account I have in dispute as I sent a letter to the creditor asking for verification before I even disputed it with Experian. I also spoke with them by phone and they couldn't even pull my account up in the database and referred me to archives. Now, if I can't get validation, as the consumer, how the heck did they do it! I just sent certified mail calling them on this. Can't wait to see what they try to say as a reply. In the meantime, I'm building my paper trail, both with them and the original creditor. Time is up in a few days. For my purposes I'm going for three letters from me and at least two responses (in writing thru mail) from them and then I'm going to fire off a really aggressive letter which hopefully will get me the result I want.
  5. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Experian is amazing!

    They told me the exact same thing.

    I am disputing a Citibank item.

    I spoke with Citibank and they told me the only time they have communicated with Experian from their records was May 30 and July 2 and Experian claims they verified my account on June 21 and of course the number they gave me did not work and the address was wrong because Citibank told me they have a different address where credit disputes are routed.

    I just love EX and their "verifications"

  6. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    We need to talk re BOTH Citibank AND Experian! I've got to catch you in the chat room sometime.
  7. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Mist you can drop me an email at calanova2000@yahoo.com. I can give you the full story, if you like.

  8. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Experian is nothing but a bunch of liars. I had a negative listing on an account that I disputed. They claimed they verified it. I called the creditor and was told nobody called re:my account. I called back to Experian and told the rep this. She asked what I wanted her to do about it. I told her to verify it like they're supposed to do. 2 weeks later I got an updated report minus that account.
    On another account, they couldn't verify it and it was deleted. A short while later they reinserted it saying it was verified. When I asked who verified it they said they didn't have the name and gave me the regular toll free customer service number for the creditor. They then told me it was updated on the regular monthly tape update. This is illegal per the FCRA which states it must be certified by someone from the creditor. I sent them off a nasty letter today demanding to know the name, title, phone #, date etc. of who verified this, along with the message that if they cannot give me this info they must delete the item. I called them again today and was told again that it was updated by the monthly tape. I got 'em and I suggest you guys go after them also.
  9. Mist

    Mist Well-Known Member

    This situation with Experian is sounding like it could end up being a good Class Action lawsuit. What do you think?

    They have done this to quite a few people here who have caught them in their tricks. Document, get names of employees (I also ask for their payroll or employee number), and keep detailed notes on calls (even down to time of day you called) and copies of all correspondence.
  10. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member


    Right there with you on a class action suit. I think it might be time to send out one of those proof of verification letters others here have done. Just as others have said Experian told me that verification is either done by computer or by a letter sent to the creditors and that it comes back; that in essence it is a generic, cookie cutter response from the creditor and that there is no specific name of the person at the creditor's office that verifies the info. Wouldn't you think that if they are so good at keeping records, that when you called about an account that is supposedly verified, that there would be some notes regarding the account on your report stating the item was verified on XYZ date and ABC at First USA verified it? Experian couldn't even tell me whether the account was verified by computer or letter when I called the first time. The second time they still weren't sure and then they told me it was by letter. That's when I requested a copy the supposed verification letter be mailed to me so that I would have a paper trail.

    I really think that these CRA's and creditors are trying to sidestep the law by trying to make the consumers appear stupid. Don't forget...CRA's never make mistakes...NOT!

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