Experian-good,bad,ugly and a ?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Linda, Apr 18, 2001.

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    Got my first-round results back from Experian on two disputed items.

    The Good: Civil Claim Judgment - DELETED!!!

    The Bad: HRUSA/BJS account - (Used to be BNUSA/BJS) -verified and updated to reflect a new creditor statement of "Purchased by another lender." It also included the name of who they sold it to.

    The Ugly: I did not even ask them to verify THIS account. I disputed ANOTHER account with a totally different name and account number which apparently didn't get reinvestigated. <sigh>

    The Question: My HRUSA/BJS acct that was just "verified" shows a recent balance of $1,646. If they no longer own the account (it even says it's sold) then shouldn't this show a balance of zero??

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    Re: Experian-good,bad,ugly and

    I think it should. I'm going through the same thing. On my Experian report, my account says "sold to NCO". It has a $0 balance. Then another entry with the same account has a balance of $1214 which really should be $0. I've paid that account in full. I'm wondering how do I dispute it?
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    Re: Experian-good,bad,ugly and

    Dispute as duplicates..

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