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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by crowmom, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. crowmom

    crowmom Well-Known Member

    just got a letter back from experian stating 'this item was previously investigated'. I knew that would happen. it was my 3rd dispute in 90 days. And i was about to dispute again because i just got the green card back from my dispute w the OC. (I did this all backwards because i didnt know any better.)

    first CRA dispute was online, and got me absolutely nowhere.

    second CRA dispute was snail mail crrr after i had talked to the OC and stupidly trusted them over the phone that they would have it deleted.

    third CRA dispute was again mailed (crrr) along with a letter i somehow got the OC to mail me stating the account was not mine. iow, I SENT PROOF! Now they send me this piece of crap letter telling me 'this item has been previously investigated'. WELL DUH. I know it has because the idiots wont fix it!

    i recently sent a written dispute to the OC (to add to my paper trail) even tho I now know i did this all backwards. I just got my green card back from that yesterday, and I was all ready to dispute w CRAs again.

    So what can i do at this point? If i dispute again, will their next letter to me be something about it being a frivolous request? should i just wait another 30 days? what should i bang my head against in the meantime? grrrr.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Give them one more chance...send another copy of the "DELETE" letter.

    Say something about the next letter you get from me will be about SMALL CLAIMS COURT!!!

    The attached letter says DELETE!!! You are not doing it...maybe you will be willing to disuss your WILLFUL NON COMPLIANCE with the SMALL CLAIMS COURT JUDGE???
  3. crowmom

    crowmom Well-Known Member

    thanks george. thats exactly what i'll do.

    a couple more questions:

    Can I sue the CRA and the OC at the same time? I'm sick of each them playing me against the other. I don't want to attempt to sue one and have them blaming the other, and vice versa. I want them both in front of a judge at the same time so I can say "i dont care whose fault it is, that's between you two."

    Also, I'm a little concerned about the plaintiff(s) having the case moved from small claims to federal court. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

    Is moving it to Fed. court just a scare tactic? Will OCs and CAs really spend the money on a lawyer for federal court?

  4. rblues

    rblues Well-Known Member

    Have you tried calling Experian? Sometimes it can be easier to catch the flies with honey...I got a few tradelines deleted that way that had been previously investigated. Just get the right rep and act confused. Might be a good last ditch effort.

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