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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cosjef, Apr 29, 2001.

  1. cosjef

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    I just tried to grab my online credit report from Experian, and was denied after stepping thru their order forms. The message reads: "For your protection, we did not process your request online because you previously added a fraud alert. If you entered your credit card information, we did not charge you. Would you like a copy of your personal credit report by mail?"

    I have been waiting for a Junum dispute to hit this report. Is this an indicator that it has? Has anyone else ever had this message? I have always been able to get my report online before today.
  2. judyputy

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    Watch the credit card or debit card that you used to apply for your score with. They will more than likely charge you anyway. THEY DID ME! Also some others here.

    If you see the charge, call and have them remove it. Or you can call them directly and ask what the problem is. I was able to get it all straight on the phone and the rep made my report available so I could read it online.

    I don't remember the number off hand. Mom of 3 had posted it once on the old board. Mom? Still have the number?


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