Experian Phone Number?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Doug, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. Doug

    Doug Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a toll free number to speak to a Experian representative about credit report?
  2. amaineman

    amaineman Well-Known Member

    Number to order report 888-397-3742,
    if report is less than 90 days old and ordered directly from them, use the 800 on the report to talk to a representative.

    This is according to their message at this number.

    Guess what if you ordered an online copy directly from Experian you did not get this magic 800 number. Talk about giving people the run around.
  3. Doug

    Doug Well-Known Member

    Yea, had that number and got the run around. Don't have a Experian report that they send. Always order online with NO PHONE NUMBERS.
  4. amaineman

    amaineman Well-Known Member

    WOW, found Experian business center number.
    800 333 4930. The rep transferred me through.

    I was given 1-800-583-4080 for consumers. Option #1 asks you to input your ten digit report if it is less than 90 day days old.

    Score : )
  5. Doug

    Doug Well-Known Member

    Thank you, at least ordering online gives you a 10 digit #.

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