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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mary, Feb 8, 2001.

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    Experian in my area is serviced by some company called CBA. I can never get a phone number for Experian or for CBA. THis report is by far my worst, and the hardest to clean up. They have verified things that TU and Equifax removed in a matter of days. I also dont think they bother to investigate much, because many times I get the report back just under the 30 day deadline with everything verified. (too coincidental) then they refuse to investigate a second time.
    Also, I notice that under each item, it tells when the item was verified. This worries me because although they may shred old correspondence, they can definitely tell that I have disputed some of these items a number of times. I want to try my luck on the phone with a rep, but Experian just tells me to call CBA, and they only have a voice mail system to order reports. Does anyone else have CBA as their Experian "local verifiying agency"?
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    I do, do you live in PA?
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    Ok, I have the answer for you.

    Call 1-800-574-9784 during normal business hours. Choose the fifth option on the menu, regardless of what the recording tells you to do. If it then tells you they're "experiencing a high call volume" and disconnect you, simply call again - it works.

    If you need to remove old addresses from your report, they'll do it over the phone.

  4. mary

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    Nope, NJ...
  5. mary

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    Thank you !!


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