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    This is my cheat sheet of all the errors in the last 3 mos. I'm putting it out here so you guys can see what all I'm catching them on :)
    Maybe the list will help you find more errors with your own lawsuits.

    The other 2 bureaus have "added" info without changing a darn thing. Experian just does nothing.

    Didnâ??t address the bk at all

    Didnâ??t correct ATT (didn't address at all) to reflect that itâ??s a cellular account thatâ??s an OPEN account (paid in full monthly) not revolving (screws my balance of types of accts)

    Didnâ??t mark any items in dispute with the notation that they were in dispute on the reports (as required FCRA) so anyone pulling the reports doesn't know the items are in dispute

    Lied and â??Confirmedâ? HFC when the item already had a UDF sent for full removal but just hasn't gotten there yet
    (No contact confirmed by, HFC).

    Tried to talk me out of the consumer statement! Said I didn't need it b/c it would slow my getting credit (duh... it's part of a fraud alert: slows others too)

    Didnâ??t add the consumer statement when I expressly still wanted it added to my file (phone) Finally added it when sent in the mail.

    Didnâ??t immediately correct the neglected dispute items. Instead wanted to start new investigations when thatâ??s directly in conflict with the FCRA

    Doesnâ??t disclose the current status (whether the account is currently reporting as positive or delinquent) on consumer reports
    On 4 erroneous SM accounts, that were listing lates in 1998, Experian reports the CURRENT status as CURRENTLY delinquent (when even these accounts are showing as paid off). How can ANY paid off accounts be CURRENTLy late.
    Reported an erroneous HFC as derogatory to all creditors who viewed my report, but listed the account as completely positive on my report (even thought the reporting of the account is in error to begin with and has a UDF removal in mail from HFC).
    Thus reports seriously derogatory information to creditors without disclosing it to me!!! I have no idea Experian is sabotaging my scores with these erroneous "current" statuses. But my creditors know it.

    Didnâ??t send me procedural descriptions for the investigations that were allegedly performed when I requested it both on original dispute, via phone and in writing later

    Lied about contacting the creditors in question:
    Didnâ??t contact HFC or Sallie Mae or Target at all (all have confirmed this). in writing.

    Refused to update credit limits: 3 Cap1, Target. Screws my ratios

    Reported High credit but system makes high credit less than balance (really skews ratios)

    Nice job they're doing. huh.

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