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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cadman, Oct 24, 2000.

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    I called to dispute a late pay today - had something interesting happen. CS at Experian said that the CC companies often list you as 30 days late even if you were five days late and the statement was mailed after only four. She also asked me about an account that was included in my Ch 7 BK in 1993. This account had disappeared from my CR abount 5 months ago, same as most others. I still had one that was showing to come off 11/00, so I asked about the fact that my BK was 5/93 - why was it still listed. She said it shouldn't be and that the reason she asked about my other account was that it appeared as if "someone had been playing games with my CR", my BK date had been changed to 2000! She said she corrected it all, I'm waiting for a new report now. Has anyone else heard of this happening?Consumers beware - check your credit report often!!
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    Just a thought

    She may have meant that someone had reaged an old debt. Now on to a different one, I talked to AmEx about repaying the $ I owed them prior to BK, they said that they no longer have the debt and gave me the name of a collection agency. Paying the collection agency wouldn't help with trying to re-establish a relationship with AmEx would it? Also, I'm in TX, so SOL is only 4 years.
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    You can always get a free report when getting rejected for credit by calling toll free # on your denial letter. I just ran mine on line at www.123creditreport.com (Experian for 7.95, like it a little better than Q-space version. No errors on 28 accounts. Did the same at www.equifax.com (8.00), only error was a former address. With a million transactions a day by Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union it is a good idea to check reports often. After four years Direct Merchants Bank finally showed up on both reports.

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