Experian results - round 1..

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Mar 20, 2001.

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    Hey guys, here's an update on what happened with me.. I disputed 3 items as NOT MINE on my experian report.. two were for collection agencies and 1 was a creditor. I also disputed 20 mispellings/mistakes of my name/address variations. All of the the name/addresses were corrected.. one of the creditors was taken off, and the remaining two came back with this reason:

    Items we reinvestigated:
    Projected completion date: 4/1/2001.

    What I found peculiar was that I received two different confirmations for the disputes.. one was dated on mar 9 and the other mar 14. I did send two of the same exact letters, one with return receipt requested, and the other with certified mail so maybe that's why I got two back. It has also been 3 weeks and I got this back.. so I figure the 4/1 date is realistic.

    Now, my question to you guys.. should I "redispute" the same items plus more as not mine or move on to other completely new line items? I have so many chargeoffs and collection companies that bought those and those that bought those - i can start anywhere.. what do u guys think? Thx in advance..
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    Re: Experian results - round 1

    I would move on to other items in my opion. Do sort of a circle method. Start w/ 3 or 4 items and wait for results. After that move on to another 3 or 4. Keep repeating until you arrive to the ones that you previously disputed. By then, time will have lapsed and they will be more likely to really re-dispute those items.

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