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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, Aug 11, 2001.

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    I got a report from Experian about a 3 yr old utility bill chargeoff of $272 for which I never received the bill (and the Utility admits it in writing). The account is listed as an installment loan with a 10 month term. The EXP report says that it is their policy to classify utility bills as installment accounts vs. revolving accounts. I don't give a s%#! what their policy is. FCRA does not give CRAs the privledge of interpreting accounts as they wish. This is not 100% accurate as required by FCRA. A utility service is an OPEN account, not an installment loan.

    I guess my next move is to contact the Utility and offer payment for removal one last time. If they refuse, I will dispute the account with them and demand that the account be reported as "open" or something other than "installment" to the CRA.
    I am sure this won't affect my score or help me in any way, but it is the damn principle of the thing. It still pisses me off that the other two CRAs deleted this account on the first dispute, but EXP continues to dispute it after 4 disputes. Also, EXP refuses to add my statement that states Experian knowing and repeatedly violates FCRA by reporting incorrect information. FCRA gives the consumer the right to add this information. It does not say the CRA can determine if they want to add it or not. GRRR.

    I'm done..........
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    While I don't recommend adding a statement to your credit report, that is the most creative statement I've ever heard of.

    I don't think they will add it though. They don't like the face the truth. :)


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