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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CreditProb, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Can anyone give me a sample letter in response to Experian's new "tactic" of "ACCOUNT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED." response? It needs to be very strong.

  2. moneyelf

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    I would think that now you can send them a procedures letter-how they verified, name of person, phone number of person and address of pereon they verified with. They have to send this info to you within 15 days. I just did this with TU re: an paid car loan with lates reported. They 'verified' awfully fast so I sent them a procedural. Fingers are crossed.

    Even still if they prove the verification to you with a 'valid' response then next you demand that the OC send you proof of the contract they say you have/had. Also, last four statements, let's say which would have to have accurate information, of course, and also the contract must have your signature on it.

    Now re: the signature. If you send a request for proof of the contract I read on one board that you can sign it with cursive style print from your font choices in your Word program-called a Font signature. Now I am not totally sure if this would cause a problem, though I have seen plenty of Font signatures on letters I have received. But I am not confident that an OC or CA or even an CRA would be above forging a consumers signature if they wanted to. Anyway, hope this gets you started.

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