Experian Won't Tell Me Jack!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tonyd, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Experian says they validated most of the debts I disputed, but the nice witch on the phone told me they cannot send me the names, numbers or any information that led them to the "REMAINS" outcome when I asked for the information. She said, "you can get the information but you need to go thru the proper channels to get it". When I questioned "proper channels", she said, "you have to get a lawyer to get it for you through court." Is that kosher??? What's f'd up is that I disputed some of the same debts w/ the other 2 CRA's, and they apparently cannot verify some some of those very same items...and now they simply say "DELETED" on TU and EQ! WTF?!?!?! If those CA come back after 30 days with validation, can they be reinserted? I am confused!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    The judge will demand the information and $1,000 FOR YOUR TROUBLE AND ACCOUNTS DELETED "if" that is what you want...
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    Typical Experian. No you shouldn't have to get a lawyer - procedures requests are our right under the FCRA, write a letter requesting them and see what you get.
    They can be reinserted, but there are certain steps the CRAs have to take. Like notifying you within 5 business days...very seldom happens.
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    You don't need a lawyer. Just go to Small Claims Court and sue for the maximum allowed there. Your suit against EXP will probably be a carbon copy of my suit agains EFX for exactly the same thing.

    I wonder why these idiots DARE us to sue them.
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    Re: Re: Experian Won't Tell Me Jack!!!

    Build your papertrail first.

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