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    I am pretty much at the end of my rope with Experian. I disputed a few items on my credit report and received a response from them. I was not happy with the response and strongly felt that they just "faked" an investigation. I was able to confirm this by calling the creditors who supposedly "verified" my disputed items. I then sent Experian another dispute letter. The green certified mail receipt that I received back stated that they received my letter on June 29. I sent another letter and just received the green card yesterday. Now what? I can't wait any more, I need this stuff FIXED. Help!
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    Call them up, 800-583-4080.
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    I had the same problem with them. The only thing you can do is either wait till it comes off or hire someone else to do it. One I recommend is Junum.com. They are very reasonable 21.95 or 33.95 per month depending on if you are single or a couple and 8.00 for each item they remove. This has been the cheapest I have seen as far as credit repair goes. They know the law better than I do so thats why I decided not to do it on my own anymore. Experian gave me a headache!
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    15 USC § 1681 et seq (The FCRA) requires Experian to correct the errors. If they won't correct the errors when you ask nicely, sue them in your local small claims court. Write the president directly first, threatening to sue, then give them 14 days to respond.

    The President is:

    D. Van Slyke
    Experian Information Systems Inc.
    505 City Parkway West
    Orange, CA 92868

    You can have the small claims court mail him the summons. Jurisdiction in your home county is probably acceptable; this is up to a judge to decide. DO NOT LET A CLERK TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

    It would also be helpful if you would write a letter to

    Federal Trade Commission
    901 Market Street Suite 570
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    I wrote the FTC about Experian ten days ago at this office. They won't usually act on one complaint, but several complaints will get their attention. I urge you to at least write the FTC, if you choose to do nothing else on your own.
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    I urge you to write the FTC at the above address too, B.

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