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  1. Michelle

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    I've had it will Experian. Everytime I challenge something they claim to have verified it within three weeks, yet the other two bureaus don't verify it and delete it. Many of these are ones in which I called the creditor and they couldn't find the account.

    The last one has gotten me very concerned. They claimed to have verified four accounts all with the same place within 2 weeks. They never send me a new copy of my report just a copy of what they verified. In addition to verifying it they changed the date of last activity from 4/94 to 3/00. When I called them they claimed the creditor notified them of this date and there is nothing they can do about it.

    How do I go about dealing with them? How do they manage to verify everything but the other two don't? I am really getting dizzy of all these circles they seem to make me chase.
  2. John Debto

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    I recently had Experian remove items that had falsely reported dates. I had no problem at all getting them to delete it. These were items that were to remain on my report until 2006!

    How could the date change from 4/94 to 3/00?
    What was the date of the chargeoff? You may have done something to reset the clock.
  3. Michelle

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    They are saying that the creditor verified it and charged it off at the same time. From what I understand in the FCRA, charging off does not restart the clock. They agreed over the phone to investigate the date of last acctivity. I called 2 days later and they said yes, they were in fact investigating the last date of activity.

    How could I have started any recent activity by asking for them to be verified? (they started the clock over on 3 of the 4). Any advice on what to do? I've been thinking about writing a letter to the FTC and Cc. it to Experian in hopes of getting them to act on it. Has anyone had any luck with this tactic?
  4. John Debto

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    This is all nonsense, they can't decide when to charge it off! That is one of the main reasons for FCRA. The clock starts when the account is past due and is 180 days plus 7 years after that. It's not about 'activity,' so long as the activity didn't bring the account current.

    You say Experian is still investigating, it should turn out ok. Perhaps you may have to present evidence showing the date of the delinquency.
  5. Michelle

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    No, I don't have proof of last activity. It's not even my debt. That is what I asked for first, verification. I wanted to see what name appeared on the app. I called the creditor who said it is all on microfiche.

    My point to them was, if I am saying it is not mine and asking for verification, than why would I make payment? Payment or a newly signed contract are the only ways they can start the 7 year clock again, isn't it?
  6. MichaelOH

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    Michelle, I rarely offer advice on these matters because there are many here who have real expertise and can offer sounder council than I. But, are you saying that the original creditor has refused to prove that the debt is yours? I believe the original creditor must provide you with some form of evidence, such as your signature on a credit app or invoice. You should send them a certified/return receipt letter demanding they provide you with proof that the account is your responsibility. Whether the alleged proof is on microfiche or papyrus is not relevant. If they cannot do that then as J. Cochran says, "If they cannot prove, they must remove." I have been pursuing precisely this strategy in removing inquiries, so far 1 down and about 15 to go! Good luck!
  7. Michelle

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    I have sent them letters and they haven't responded, that is why I disputed with Experian. I asked Experian how they verified it when I couldn't get a responce and they said they just asked and the department store said it was mine, they also told me that was enough proof as far as they were concerned.
  8. MichaelOH

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    Michelle wrote:
    I have sent them letters and they haven't responded...

    Michelle, send your request for proof to the original creditor cert/rr. Keep copies. When they refuse to respond then send your copies, along with the return reciept, to the FTC and the appropriate state agency. Let the original creditor know in your letter that since they have ignored you this will be your next step if they continue to ignore you. I bet you will get action. If not, then get some help from some of the pros who do this for a living. Several of them inhabit this board. I used Carreon and Associates to get my reports and advise me on what I should do to improve them. Though I am pursuing my own disputes they will do it for you if you wish. Luck!
  9. Michelle

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    I also used Carreon and Associates. I was very happy with their services. I am attempting to do the restoration on my own. This one may be bigger than I can handle. I am going to wait and see what Experian says in 30 days to the second dispute. If the dispute does not give me the results I need I will look at hiring someone.
  10. Aom

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    Forget about the credit bureaus got direct to the one that put the info there in the first place.
    Send them a letter telling them you will SUE them if they don't correct it give the 5 business days to respond back to you.
  11. MichaelOH

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    I don't think disputing with the CRAs is the right approach. The original creditor must prove, to you, that they can verify the account. If they cannot, then they cannot continue to verify to the CRAs. So you're first job is to get the OC to admit that they cannot verify, THEN dispute with the CRAs, who will remove the item right away. You're fight is not with the CRAs.

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