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  1. JD

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    I ordered my Experian report on-line on Friday, received it Wednesday, called them today. I had a public record from a court that has been on my credit report for four years. It definitely was not mine. I also had two addresses that were not mine. First I asked her to remove the two addresses and she agreed. Then I realized that the address of the court that issued the judgement was in the same city as the two wrong addresses listed for me. When the person realized it, she said they would remove the judgement also. There was one other negative item and I think that was also related to the other problems. I think they will remove that also. I realize that until I see the deletions on an updated report, I shouldn't get too excited about this. They seemed pleasant and sincere.
  2. marci

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    That's great. It sounds as if you had a merged file with another person. Usually, when it's your first dispute and it's obvious that there are merged files, the reps are pretty nice.

    It's only when you become a dispute "veteran" that they start giving you gray hairs.

  3. JD

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    One down (Experian), two to go

    I also ordered reports from the other two.
  4. jamie

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    Good going JD!! See, I told you sometimes you get better results by phone without the headaches of waiting for the mail. Congratulations. You've been making pretty good progress for just starting out. Did Experian give you a confirmation number for the deletions?
  5. JD

    JD Guest

    Um, um - no! Oh boy!
  6. jamie

    jamie Well-Known Member

    Not to worry, everything is probably alright.
    I was just asking because Equifax did me.
  7. marci

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    Experian never gives me a new confirmation number. They tell me to refer to the same number on my report.

    Don't worry. If's it's gone, it's really gone. It sounds as if the rep deleted on the spot.

  8. moore

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    Confirm #

    Experian doesn't give confirmation numbers. You just get a file number for updates to the credit report and a new credit report in the mail.

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