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    Okay, got another post about a different issue...

    I disputed a charged-off bill through Experian on March 18th. I also disputed wrong address information and some unauthorized hard inquiries.

    Experian sent me back a notice that the item was verified and would remain. No mention of the address issue or unauthorized inquiries.

    I wrote them back asking for proof of the verification process in the form of the name, address & phone # of the person who verified; and to please address the other two issues. I was nice but firm.

    Just received a notice yesterday that they re-verified the charged-off bill and it would remain. No proof of verification, no mention of address problem, no mention of the inquiries. All they did was re-verify and add a line to my report that said it was verified twice and would remain.

    Now how ugly and threatening should my next letter be? Should I threaten Attorney General, FTC & BBB, or does that even phase these idiots??
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    You can't verify a false hood-you can only repeat the same lie-this is all they do!!!!!!!!

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    There comes a time when you have to stop threatening. Or as Dirty Harry has put it:

    "If you want to shoot, shoot; Don't talk".

    If you kept a good papertrail, get your checkbook and find an attorney.


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