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  1. FU-TU

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    I recently sent a dispute to Experian regarding some items included in a BK-7. They sent back a request for me to send them info about the accounts and the BK filing.

    I thought this is their responsibility to verify?

    What should I do after 30 days??? Demand deletion of items?
  2. VJ

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    What it sounds like is it may be on the other two CRA
    reports but not theirs.They may be asking you to give them enough info to list it on their report.
    Go back and pull your credit file with them if your not sure to see if its listed with them.
    I've seen this happen.
    Good luck

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  5. G. Fisher

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    What is the dispute? Are the accounts shown as charged-off?
  6. dlo64

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    I agree with lbrown. It is their responsibility to verify and the verification is supposed to be done with the creditors, not with you.

    You want to get negative items deleted if at all possible to raise your FICO score. Correcting a negative in a bankruptcy situation won't do it. What Experian is trying to do is unwittingly have YOU verify this information and not your creditors. In other words you are making their job easy. If you verify, why should they waste their time contacting your creditors. At least if they can not verify through your creditors within thirty days, the disputed item (a negative in your case) should be deleted. That is one way to rebuild your credit.

    Let Experian do the verification through your creditors.
  7. Marie

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    Agreed. Additionally, if you send in your list of creditors from your bk filing... you certainly could add negative accounts to your file.

    They could pick ALL your creditors included in the bk and add them. and you gave them the ammo.

    Tell them it's their job. correct or remove. It's their burden, not yours.
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