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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, May 12, 2001.

  1. SM

    SM Active Member

    I have received communication from Transunion stating that they verified two accounts that I disputed. One of the accounts I asked them to verify was supposedly verified and the verification was supposedly updated on my current report. However, after looking at the report, they have the last verification date as 11/1999. Sounds like no verification took place.

    So, I have drafted a letter as follows and would like some feedback. I know it sounds threatening, but I am so sick of being jacked around by these CRA's. I know that they don't verify accurately and probably very rarely document any information regarding their verification. On the other hand, the last thing I want to do is have my account "red-flagged".

    Any input from all of you who have had dealings in this area is greatly appreciated. Here is the letter:

    "To Whom It May Concern:

    I am in receipt of my credit profile whereby your company has claimed to verify two accounts that are currently in dispute. This letter serves as notice that I would like to receive the details of these two verification processes pursuant to my rights under the FCRA.

    According to your correspondence, dated 5/8/2001, your company verified the following accounts:

    Merrick Bank # xXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The Reliant/HL&P account is being reported as verified on 11/1999. This is in conflict with my request. I am now asking that you provide me with the address, phone number and account representative with whom you spoke at Reliant/HL&P to verify this account and the date in which the verification took place.

    The Merrick Bank account is still reporting a balance of $1452.00, which is not correct. I am also asking that you provide me with the address, phone number and account representative with whom you spoke at Merrick Bank along with the date in which the verification took place.

    Please be advised that this letter is not a request that you re-verify this information. This letter is a request that the verification process information, as outlined above, be sent to me in a timely manner. If you cannot provide such information, you are obligated to remove this derogatory information.

    Also, please be advised that if I do not receive the details of the verification process which allegedly took place with the above companies, I will immediately report you to the FTC, Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. I am giving Transunion thirty (30) days from the receipt of this letter to provide this information. I will be following up with these companies regarding the validity of any information which Transunion furnishes regarding the verification process.

    Thank you for your time."

  2. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Only thought I had was to change "with whom you spoke" to "you contacted" or "you claim contact"

    I thought it was a good letter but I'm not an expert! Good Luck!
  3. SM

    SM Active Member

    You are definitely more of an expert than I am!! Thanks for the input.
  4. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    Here's an excerpt from the FCRA:

    (7) Description of reinvestigation procedure. A consumer reporting agency shall provide to a consumer a description referred to in paragraph (6)(B)(iii) by not later than 15 days after receiving a request from the consumer for that description.

    (6)(B)(iii) a notice that, if requested by the consumer, a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information shall be provided to the consumer by the agency, including the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted in connection with such information and the telephone number of such furnisher, if reasonably available;
  5. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I am now going through what SM has gone through. Bogus reverification on the part of TU. Just would like to know SM if you have had any sucess in requesting this documentation from TU?

    On top of that, since when does it take only two weeks for TU to complete a reverification on six disputed items?
  6. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    I hope you get an I like the letter...and, Linda, thanks for the sure to change it to 15 days..not 30!
  7. G. Fisher

    G. Fisher Banned

    If you sent the letter about the same time as your post, it has been over 30 days.

    What was the result of your letter, SM?
  8. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    No it was not 30 days.

    Received letter from TU dated 6/2. Letter states disputes received on 5/31. Date updated report printed 6/15 = 2 weeks. Accounts actually reverified, doubtful.
  9. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Did they give you the info on how they verified, dlo?
  10. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member


    Haven't requested yet. The reason I added to this post was to make sure I had a right in requesting the process used by TU to verify these incorrectly stated accounts. By reading these threads, I have discovered that yes I do have the right to do this. Maybe in my spare time (LOL) I ought to read the whole FCRA (another LOL).

    I will let you know what I do and what the outcome is.
  11. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Please do DLO..I'll be very interested!

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