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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by geekpipe, Mar 16, 2001.

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    I disputed an equifax report. 4 disputes and a address change. They received the dispute 2/28. The inquiry is not due to be completed until 3/30. I got a letter today saying the following:
    Current address has been updated on my new address which is ok. Also says THIS INFORMATION WAS DUPLICATED AND THEREFORE IT HAS BEEN DELETED for my previous address. What does that mean? I do see that address on the next page which is the updated copy of my report though.

    ALSO...The 4 disputes are listed as "CONSUMER DISPUTES - REINVESTIGATION IN PROCESS. I never investigated ever before. Why does it say REINVESTIGATION?? Is that bad?

    My question is why am I getting a letter now before the conclusion. They said something like RESULT of YOUR INVESTIGATION. Is it over? Do they do it in parts? What now? Nowhere does it say on the 4 disputes that they were verified nor on the first sheet where the results are. All the credit report says is REINVESTIGATION in progress. When is that over?


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    Re: exquifax letter-dont get i

    I got the same letter yesterday. I called today. They never explained the difference of the letter saying the investigation is complete and the attached report says reinvestigation in process.

    They told me I got that reinvestigation message because I disputed online and sent a letter. I explained to her that when I went to check the status of my dispute it told me that the investigation could not be done and to send an email. So, I sent an email and that's why I got the message. I guess I'll see when I get the new report what happened.

    I said all this to say you are not alone and the best thing is for you to call them.

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