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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by muffin500, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. muffin500

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    Have anyone receive this card that have a 2 year old Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.? I applied about 3 weeks ago and of as yet I haven't received no reply. Is there a number that I can check the status of application without talking to a rep?

    Update: A list of the most recent gas credit card offers recommended by Creditnet: http://www.creditnet.com/credit-cards/Reward/Gas_Rebate
  2. muf_fin@3

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  3. broncsboi

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    I was about two years post bk and was approved for the Exxon Mobile card with initial $200 limit. Hey it was something. I was all excited too because of the Speed Pass that came with it and everything.

    Charged it up, paid it down, charged it up, paid it down. I had about $167 on it when I got a letter in the mail saying they were lowering my limit to $100 because 'after reviewing your credit report your utilization on other credit cards are high....etc." So I had $167 charged on a card with a $100 limit. That p*ssed me off so:

    I paid them off that day and haven't used that card since. That was a few months ago. That Exxon card is somewhere in my bedroom or closet or ...??

    I since applied for the QT card (gas) and got that card with a $300 limit. Which is great because Exxon has higher gas prices so I got the better of the deal. Thanks Exxon.
  4. muf_fin@3

    muf_fin@3 New Member

    To bronschboi

    Did you apply online or had a preapproval? Do you remember how long it took to receive your card after you applied? I'm curious because it's been about 3 weeks and I heard nothing. I say on this board that they are not BK Friendly, but in your case I guess it was different. I wish they had a automated phone number that I could call and get the status of the application without talking to a rep.. I am afraid to hear decline. because I'm trying to rebuld after BK chapter 7.
  5. broncsboi

    broncsboi New Member

    I didn't have a pre-app. I think I applied online and if I remember correctly, got approval instantly. However I didn't know my limit until the card came a couple of weeks later.

    I'm sure if you didn't receive a decline letter by now, you'll probably be getting the card.

    Did you check your inquiries online to see if they did, in fact, pull a hard?

    Good Luck.
  6. muffin500

    muffin500 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I don't have a membership with any of the free credit report so I would not know if they pull a credit report on me, but it did give me a reference number after I applied on line.
  7. muf_fin@3

    muf_fin@3 New Member

    Was Denied.

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