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    Can anyone help?

    I subscribe to the Equifax watch service. This morning, I received a notice about an inquiry. It was from Facs West. Anyone heard of that company? It sounds like a collection agency.

    I'm freaking out! I haven't been bugged by a collection agency for over two years! I have no accounts outstanding. There is no reason why anyone should be after me now. I can hardly stand the thought of having to deal with any more of these creeps! So, if anyone knows what this organization is, please advise.


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    I have the same problem, Equifax is shown inquiry from FACS West, then I called Equifax, they said if you have Macy's card and recently apply or asking for credit increase, FACS West will pull your credit (Hard inquiry).

    In fact, I called Macy's asking for credit line increase, and CS didn't tell me that she is going to pull my credit. I also asked her if she's going to pull my credit and I got no answer and I got credit line increast only $400. Then this inquiry shows up on my report. If I know this credit line increase will cost me hard inquiry, I wouldn't do that. I also send Fax to FACS West(480)929-3636 asking them to remove with no response from them.

    Facs West
    1345 South 52nd Street
    Tempe, AZ 85281

  3. Aux

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    Just in case you want to call them and find out here is the number :

    FACS West
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    Thanks so much. I really appreciate all of the info you provided. It helps a bunch. I'm breathing easier already.

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    what FACS is

    Because this comes up from time to time when people see FACS on their credit report and have no idea what it is, here's what the Federated Department Stores web site says about it:

    Financial, Administrative and Credit Services (FACS) Group

    9111 Duke Boulevard
    Mason, OH 45040

    "The FACS Group, Federated's credit services facility, was founded in 1989. It services all private label credit card accounts on behalf of FDS Bank for each of the company's retail department store divisions. ...

    "FACS' primary operation is located in suburban Cincinnati, with satellite facilities in Clearwater, FL and Tempe, AZ. FACS provides credit services, such as credit authorizations, new account development and processing, customer service and collections for FDS Bank. It also provides telemarketing and mail and phone order processing services for Federated's retail department store divisions.

    "Beyond credit-related functions, FACS today also is responsible for financial services such as centralized payroll and benefits processing for all Federated divisions."

    In other words, if you apply for credit at Macy's, Rich's, Lazarus, Goldsmith's, Bloomingdale's, Burdine's, The Bon Marche or Stern's (who is being closed), you will probably see FACS listed as an inquiry. Fingerhut credit cards appear to be issued by a separate entity (Axsys National Bank).
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    Re: what FACS is

    This is Macys

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