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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ElorraM, Aug 22, 2003.

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    On my credit report is a month's rent from my apartment complex because they said I did not give them 30 days notice when I moved. Managment at the apartment complex told me I only had to pay half of the rent which I did. They even gave me a letter saying my roommate was responsible for the rest. For some reason though they refused to tell their CA that I only owed half. So on my credit it report it showed that I still owed half of the balance.

    I disputed this listing with the CRAs and now it shows that I owe the full amount. This CA is lying and saying they did not even get half. Is there any law I can get them on for deliberatly false reporting to the CRAs? I have the cancelled check from when I paid them. I was even considering paying the rest of the amount if they would remove the listing totally, but now I mad. I think Im going to start the DV process. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks,
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    most likly, unless you had in writing from the complex, before the date of the canceled check, you wouldn't be able to prove that the complex promised that you were only liable for half of the rent for the last month.

    this is why its always good to get everything that everyone says, whether its an oc or ca in writing.
  3. ElorraM

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    I have a letter from the aprtment complex that they gave me on their letterhead.

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