Familiar with WI laws?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SheriHoppe, Oct 2, 2003.

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    Is there anyone out here familiar with WI and the laws they have with applying for credit while married?

    I hate it =) Simply put.

    Basically my question is, my husband is looking into getting a boat in the spring time of 2004 and if he applies to get that loan (he has remarkable credit, never a missed payment, low balances) he will probably be denied because of my poor credit, I know its WI law and its just my opinion but I think its unfair he is getting punished basically becuase of my credit problems. They can pull his credit report and see that he has paid everything on time and to the contract 100% and its me that isnt, and he isnt taking this loan out for me at all.

    We havent talked to any financial instituion lately but has anyone had any experience in WI similar to this where a financial institution granted you the loan even though 1 party has horrible credit but they took the other party into consideration becuase of their good credit? I dont even want to be on the loan for the boat, but yet they still look at my stuff.

    Again its my fault I am in credit problems, and I am goign to have to deal with it but I just wish I wouldnt have to bring my husbands A++++ credit down like I am. I am trying to fix my credit but as we all know it will take time.

    This just sucks =(

    Thanks in advance.

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    Doesn't sound to me like he'll be denied. They may ask for a downpayment.

    I think you're letting your mind run away.

    FEAR =

    Accepted as



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