fast payment posting by Amex!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by me, Aug 3, 2000.

  1. me

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    I mailed a payment to Amex for my Blue card on Monday 7/31. Amex credited my account on 8/2!!!

    I didn't even think they would receive it that quickly, let alone post it!
  2. MAU

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    RE: fast payment posting by Am

    I agree with you.
    Amex is the best.
  3. Mo

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    RE: fast payment posting by Am

    Yes, my Amex goes to LA and it get's posted as quickly as yours. But I have others that go to LA and they languish for a couple or 3 extra days. I guess AMEX has a special deal with the post office to deliver their mail faster.
  4. RichGuy

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    Payment Posting

    Poorly run banks plan for shoddy service in order to cut costs. They always blame the Postal Service instead of their own lazy and illiterate employees.
    AmEx gets your mail in the same time as anyone else, but makes an effort to post it right away. Any bank could do the same if it valued consistent service over quick profits. Then, of course, the profits would follow.
  5. miles

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    RE: Payment Posting

    I would imagine that Amex has a 24 hr. payment processing center. That's what probably makes the difference. Other credit card companies try too hard to cut costs at the expense of customer service.

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