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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Aug 7, 2001.

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    I just had to repost this. Please anyone that can give me guidance. I have been disputing several items on my Equifax.

    Top this I disputed the below items on 8/2 over the phone. The second round on these items. I received the updated report in the mail on 8/6. They supposedly investigated, verified & mailed this to me in 4 days. Fantastic isn't it.

    There is a collection from Sprint, included in a 95 BK. They show a duplicate of this account, but with a different acct # & LAD, the date of reporting & balance is the same. There was only the one.

    This last round I called on 8/2. About this item & 2 others. One is another duplicate account same status as the above.

    How do I get them to take these duplicate accounts off of my report?

    On the results page they claim to have investigated 4 items I did not request & only one that I did.

    Of the 4 they say one item was deleted due to duplicate. Actually it was a CC that there are two of. It was not deleted.

    They say one item was verified that it belongs to me. Yet that has been deleted. Or am I not getting the full report?

    So confused.

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