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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Aug 13, 2001.

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    Hello All,

    Itâ??s been awhile since I have been on this board, but I have been busy with the wedding plans, I canâ??t believe it only 24 more days to go. OHMYGOD.

    Well, on top of the wedding planning my fiancée decided I didnâ??t need any sanity, we decided to look for a new house. I was pretty nervous about my credit, but we talked to GMAC and we were pre-approved overnight. (I asked him to get our scores, but he doesnâ??t care what they are) My fiancée has excellent credit, at least a 700 if not higher. Last time I looked in June I was at 628 during an investigation. I donâ??t know what it is now.

    But I ran into a small problem. Fixable, but it has the potential to really screw up what I worked so hard to fix. I have my current car is through Ford Motor Credit and they show on Equifax that I am currently 60 days late. Impossible. I called FMC and they said I am current and never have been 60 days late through the course of the loan. I was able to get one years account history online showing that I am not 60 day late, all current and paid up till September. GMAC is only asking for a letter from Ford stating that I am current but GMAC needs to know why are they reporting me late to Equifax late. The broker told me to launch an investigation with Ford and Equifax to clear up the error. Hereâ??s my dilemma, Ford does not always report correctly. I have some pays that are 10 to 16 days pass my due date that are not listed as 30 days late. Currently my credit reports show FMC: TU 2x 30 and EXP 1X30 EQF 2 x 30 1x60. I have more then 2x30s on my payment history with Ford. Never 60 days. The most was 46 days. I think an investigation with Ford will cause them to report all my late pays making it more like 8X30. I did start an online with Equifax on the 1X60 because that is just not true. I donâ??t want to open a can of worms. The 2X30â??s that are being reported now are from â??99. All I did was fax GMAC my one-year history, they didnâ??t even ask for documentation, just something to show that I am current.

    I have to get rid of that 1x60, but I donâ??t want them to add more x30â??s. Should I let sleeping dogs lay? Why screw up the other two reports that only show 1 or 2 lates that are over two years old anyway.

    Anyone care to ease a paranoid bride?
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    I was actually in the same boat once. In the processing of buying a home. Credit bureau showed incorrect dates as far as late payments. I knew I had been late more than what they were reporting. but the incorrect dates were more recent, more damaging. I decided to take my chances and disputed the incorrect, recent late payments. It came back with the incorrect late payments REMOVED, but with new ones added. It looked worse than before!!
    I was also in the process of purchasing a home and called the bank that was reporting the late payments and told them what i was doing and I didnt think it was fair to add the new late payments, if they had not been reported before. they told me to fax an old copy of my report, that would show what late payments were showing. bottom line is, I told them I was buying a home and these new late payments that were not on my report were jeopardizing my house closing. I talked to an understanding manager, that removed ALL of the late payments..(oh yeah, the vehicle was already paid off, when all of this occurred).

    I guess I am saying, you can take your chances or you can ask your broker, WHY the documentation from FORD is not adequate?

    good luck, oh yeah and CONGRATULATIONS!!

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