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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jds71, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. jds71

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    I had an account with Newport News (part of the Spiegel Group). In June 03- it had a $148 balance. This was the last time FCNB reported the account. Further this was about the time that the changeover occured... from FCNB to the new credit provider for Spiegel. I paid the account off in July. I have heard no contact from ANYONE since.

    The problem is simple, I PAID the account in full and it is STILL showing a balance. On 8/25, I actually got Experian to reinvestigate this account on the balance (they had investigated prior for balance history). Well the deadline was 9/24. GUESS WHAT!? FCNB verifies all information is correct.

    I immediately call Experian and they tell me that they WILL NOT investigate again. I explain the situation and they still refuse. I then tell them I want a procedure request.

    I'm SOOOOO hopping mad on this one.

    My first thought is the Nutcase letter to FCNB however, I'm so mad I want to start threatening right away. First they've "verified" incorrect information and second they didn't bother to mark the account as disputed. Maybe its best to get them on more violations?

    I'd like some advice on this if anyone's had a similar experience.

    Thank you .
  2. jds71

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    Ok- now I'm even more upset.

    I found FCNB's number . HAHAH yeah right. It gives a number to call for Eddie Bauer/ Speigel/ Newport News accounts that is disconnected. I called Newport News- the number they gave me was also useless. Cannot get a persn on the phone. Here's what NN told me.... they don't have personnel yet. I said "Who's verifying this incorrect information then?"

    I'm so mad.

    My question is Sue now or let them rack up a few more violations and then sue? I'm also wondering if I should sue Experian as well for refusing to investigate this matter.

    Thanks for any help/advice.
  3. RichC

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    I'm confused. What problem are you trying to solve here? Is the tradeline a negative one, with past due information? Or just one that shows a balance?

    Is this causing you to be unable to obtain credit somewhere else?

    Shouldn't be a big deal that it shows a balance, especially as small as it is. It takes time for the CRA's records to be updated. Unless this is giving you some grief somewhere else, I'd just give it a little more time.
  4. jds71

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    Yes it has negatives - 2 x 30 day lates from last year. However, what I disputed was the balance. I paid it off in July. At the end of the dispute (Sept) they verified that I have a $148 balance. Its not alot but it does add to my overall debt (which really isn't that high) and my credit utilization (whcih is high).

    Its not so much the amount of the balance but the simple fact that they "verified" information that was incorrect. Obviously so, if I hadn't paid them since June I think I would have heard something or they darned sure would have updated THAT on my report.
  5. J. Vick 71

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    jds71, Everything is O.K don't worry about it. FCNB used to update to the 3 CRA'S every month. Sometime around June they started reporting every 3 months. They should report the balance paid this month sometime.

    I had the same problem this summer and they just updated 2 out of the 3. The last updates were in June so they only report every 3 months now.

    In other words they are saving money by only reporting every 3 months now. What are you going to do, cancel the card? Not possible, but at least they report closed by consumer!

    I would try to squash this one if you want to later this year if you want. Now is not the time.
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    I have ran into a similar situation with experian. In my case, I disputed a charge that I paid at a local video store. The same charge was placed with a CA. When I disputed the charges, I advised that the debt was paid at the company that I owed directly. Today I received a response to my dispute. They stated that they verified the debt as still unpaid. I am so frustrated. What do I do now to fix this? How do I proceed to get it corrected?

    Thanks for any advise you can give.
  7. jds71

    jds71 Well-Known Member

    I too have that problem. it was a $98 phone bill from when I changed local phone service providers. I paid the phone company and the CA placed it on all three bureaus as unpaid (with a day or so of my paying it). I diputed it and it came back as unpaid with 1 of the bureaus and paid with the other two. I tried re-disputing but so far no luck- they keep "verifying". I sent off a Nutcase letter and will pursue that line with them (based on advice here) I would do the same with the CA that is reporting you.
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    Click here: CREDITNET | Straight Talk | | FCNB - Experian problems
    Send CA the validation letter

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