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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Oct 22, 2000.

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    Hi all,

    I did send FCNB some more funds to increase my credit limit. I do have two questions though. Does the whole $250.00 I sent in get applied the credit limit? (The rep I spoke to wasn't sure, she thought only half would be applied the credit limit. What would happen to the other half? She didn't seem to know.) Second, does the limit increase like the original amount did by more than 100%? (My original deposit gave me a credit line at 150% my deposit.)

  2. tj

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    It depends on your pay history, could be from 100% to 300 %, but at least ALL of the amount that you sent in would go to your increase, don't know where the 1/2 came from.
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    Their "reference guide" says they match your deposit 100%-500% depending on payment history, performance with other FCNB accounts (i.e. Spiegel) and other creditors, etc. They gave me 200% of my initial depost as my starting credit line, and did the same for my CLI I just sent in. (But I've only had the card a couple months, so if you've had yours longer, they may give you more.) Also, if you sent a personal check, expect it to take 15-20 days to post to your account. A money order took about 10 for me.

    Hope this helps =)

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