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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Leslie, Mar 21, 2000.

  1. Leslie

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    I recently was charged $69.95 for a program called Premier Fitness and Wellness. I have been trying all morning to resolve this situation. I did not order it and did not authorize for this charge to be put on my credit card but these people seem to think it is good business and don't seem to be in much of a hurry to get this handled in a quick,efficient manner as I would like them to. Has anyone else been put through this mess? They are actually telling me that I accepted this over the phone which I know for a fact isn't true because I NEVER purchase anything from telemarketers.
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    RE: FCNB(Newport News):premier

    I have a Newport News card and I have had no problems. They have always credited my account promptly. I start with a $250 credit limit last year and now I'm at $2750. I suggest you call them again, they are usually very helpful. You need to put your complaint in writing. THey send me these checks for like 2.95 eery month and when you cash them they sign you up for something. I never cash the checks. I have signed up for the discount club, which I feel is a good deal.
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    RE: FCNB(Newport News):premier

    i have an fcnb visa. i thought they only had the speigel the eddie bower mastercard which is not sub prime and a secured can you give me some info on the newport news card and how to applt .fcnb doesnt seem to know

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