fcnb, status after 6 months

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joe, Jul 30, 2000.

  1. joe

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    anyone with an fcnb secured card? did you receive an increase after 6 months? i am told after 6 months of having the secured card that it will be reviewed for an unsecured increase that ranges from 50-300.00. what's your experience?
  2. Manny

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    RE: fcnb, status after 6 month


    I have an unsecured FCNB Master Card and received a $50 credit increase after about 4 months. I thought it was unusual but I'm not complaining.
  3. Stormie

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    RE: fcnb, status after 6 month

    Perhaps this depends on your initial credit line, but i would think usually the increases would be in at least hundred dollar increments. Possibly a phone call would answer that question. Your right it does seem a bit odd. My husband has a regular account with them as well, increases have been just fine and about every 3 to 6 months or so. The smallest was $100
  4. Starting O

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    They allow you courtesy increases every 6 months if your payment history is good.

    If it's very good, you can one after 3 months, but the next increase is still another 6 months later, generally.

    Plus: after 6-9 months of good payments, they may offer you an additional retial (unsecured) card for Spiegel, Eddie Bauer, etc. They also have secured promotions of rates of 3-to-1 for your next deposit, etc. I never made an additional deposit, preferring to use their courtesy increases.
    I might make one tiny last deposit but August marks my one-year anniversary, and I now realize that FCNB sometimes waits 18 months for your account to become unsecured.

    I would have them again although I find it (and most subprime card) has a much higher rate. Now that I have had their card for a year, I may start to take advantaage of some balance-transfer offers that if I think I could qualify for them.

    Good luck.
  5. Jeana

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    RE: fcnb, status after 6 month

    I have an unsecured FCNB Card for Spiegel/EddieBauer. This is my FAVORITE CREDIT CARD. I have gotten super increases--without asking. And I have noticed that the interest rate decreases after paying off balances. I think the increases also get bigger each time I pay this off. I wish this was the only card I needed--accepted everywhere like visa--which it is not. BUT Service has also been superior.

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