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    I am annoyed with FCNB. I had a MC with them, and had to leave the country. All but $150 was paid, and, since I was gone, the account was chaged off. It was paid immediately when I returned (6 months later), but the account is still showing paid charge-off status (R-9), and will continue to be reported that way until 2003. Since they got their money 4 years ago, I asked them to stop reporting this to the CRAs. They refused saying they never delete (for a mere $150). I went through the whole dispute thing with the CRAs but to no avail. I want this removed from my credit files...any suggestions?
  2. mglanham

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    I had a very similiar situation and got it removed. Shoot me an email at mglanham@yahoo.com and I will let you know what I did. It might not be a tactic your comfortable with, but it is definatley worth a shot.
  3. frankowes

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    Can I shoot you an email also? I'm having the same problem but an 80.00 paid chargeoff but not with FCNB
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    Is there any way you can share this with us? I am sure there are lot's of people who would like to know but don't want to add 'me too' posts.



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